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Thank you so much for this great opportunity, Looks like I may be getting my fathers Kilts altered afterall. It would have been a grand day to see his face had we been able to do this Land title for him as he was more MacGregor than Mitchinson. Sadly he passed in 2008. I know he would think this is very cool;>)

We are thinking of visiting the Lands in October this year.

Lord Ronald

Lord Ronald

Lord Robert, Not only do I have the pleasure of being swept across the grass at the Kincardine Highland Games and have an article put under my nose.......from the Toronto Sun, that I have to read this....and I turn to the person, pull out my phone and say, I danced the night away last Saturday with the same Lord.......... Hope all is well cheers, Suzanne

Suzanne Drew

Hello Lord Robert

It was a pleasure  speaking to you at the Glengarry Highland Games. I love the concept! I purchased a joint 100Ft pack for my husband and me. So excited to own this, perfect gift. Love the kilt btw!!

Lady Joan Coswell

Lady Joan Coswell

Hey, just bought  for my wife's birhday. She always says that "she doesn't want anything this year". I usually take her out to dinner. Thi s is a suprise for her and I  cant wait to see her face. I  put it in a glass frame for her. She is going to FREAK out!!!




Archie Williams

I heard about this from a friend who just became a Lord. My wife and I  just received my papers and love it! I was even born in ENGLAND!!! Love the concept, love the fact that I can visit my piece of Scotland. My wife is a Braveheart Fanatic.


Lord John Phillips


My Husband and I have just received our documents and are extremely impressed at the professional presentation of your documents. We are now going to frame our Master Deed Titles in our Family Room to show our Sottish Pride.



Lord & Lady Hunter

Fantastic Idea Lads!!

Just bought this for a present to give myself from the kids. Can't wait to receive the Licence Pack.




Lord Michael Lumsden

Just bought the four square foot lots for my and my three sisters. We are planning a trip in September to spread our Mother's ashes as she has always wanted to be in the Scottish Highlands.

Thank You

Lady Lisa Campbell

Hello thank you for this special gift, as my wife suprised me for my 40th Birthday. Just changed my Drivers Licence. Guys at work now bow as I enter the work floor!! Brilliant!!!

Lord Carl Wilson