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Your Estate

Your Estate is located off the main road (A828) between Oban and Fort William, in the Scottish Highlands. Visit your land and take a step back in time. Why not enjoy a picnic with fantastic views across Loch Linnhe, or on the riverbank. Leave your vehicle and follow the clear signposts which will lead you on the 2 minute walk along an estate track that leads to your land. Full driving directions, parking instructions, walking instructions and maps are included in your document pack.

Keil Hill was purchased by Highland Titles Ltd in order to:

Offer an amenity to the local community. Help preserve and encourage protection of wildlife in the area. Provide an education medium for local organisations

By selling souvenir plots of land to thousands of people across the world, we not only fund all of our conservation work, but also ensure that the land will always be protected from development.

Much of our first five year plan has already been achieved, with access being hugely improved and many thousands of trees being planted. Our second five year plan is well under way.

Contrary to popular belief, conservation is not best served by leaving the land to look after itself.  Such an approach favours the hardiest, strongest, most invasive and most predatory vegetation; in the West of Scotland, this usually means ground cover of bracken, rushes and bramble, with little else able to survive.

BumbleBee Haven. Mountainview

No one can fail to be moved by the beauty of the Scottish Highlands.  Any one who has ever visited the Highlands will tell you that it contains some of the most stunning scenery anywhere in the world.

BumbleBee Haven, Mountainview

BumbleBee Haven, opened by Highland Titles in 2014, overlooks the magnificent Loch Loyne; known to fishermen as one of the best pike lochs in the Highlands and our lairds enjoy the opportunity to fish this famous 7 mile long loch for fernox and trout too..

Most of our supporters prefer to simply visit to walk amongst the trees or enjoy a picnic and the fabulous views. Owners of larger plots are welcome to camp on their plot overnight. The dawn is the best time to see shy woodland animals.

Highland Titles will be planting flowering plants in order to enable more bumblebees to make their home here. Like so much of Scotland, BumbleBee Haven has suffered by the unwise planting of Sitka Spruce, which provide no food and little shelter for any Scottish animals. Long term, the removal of these trees and their replacement with native Scottish trees will encourage all wildlife, bumblebees included. Short term we can help by increasing the availability of nectar and pollen.



In 2013, we created a 3-acre lochan in order to attract more bird life.  Every day, our volunteers and infra-red motion-sensitive cameras are ready with their cameras, hoping to catch sight of the elusive osprey.

If you are hope to see deer, a fox or a badger, we recommend that you visit on your own very early in the morning.

You will certainly see many different kinds of trees, including downy and silver birch, willow, rowan, hawthorn, oak, alder, holly and willow. Indeed, the Salachan burn runs through Glencoe Wood; Salachan being derived from the Gaelic for "willow". In summer you'll see many wildflowers. Note the lichens on the rocks and trees, which tell us that the air here is clean.

In 2014, we installed 10 beehives on the land.  Bees are ecological superheroes, pollinating around one third of the UK's food supplies.  The worldwide bee populations have been in decline over recent years and we are keen to do as much as we can to help.


Why are we selling this land?

This land is being sold in order to conserve the forest and wild space in this important conservation area.

In order to achieve this we are putting it into the ownership of many people and using the money raised to protect and care for other conservation causes, such as our new Nature Reserve and Eagle Sanctuary based in Appin.

So who is behind the project?

Glasgow Holdings Inc. & Scottish Lands are the "Exclusive North American Distributor" responsible for the sale of Lands within the Glencoe Woodlands. With over Fifteen years' experience in the Scottish Retail Gift and Manufacturing sectors, Scottish Lands will continue to offer excellent Sales and Service assistance.

Professor Peter and Laura Bevis, a Biologist and Accountant respectively, conceived the idea five years ago, from their family Estate in the Scottish Highlands. After creating 12 new woods on family owned land, they realised that to really make a difference, they needed to buy land which was more at risk from development. So in 2007 they used their profits to help buy the Keil Estate in Appin. The company has grown from there and we now have supporters and land owners around the world.

How we do what we do

Our objectives are for the  protection of ancient and semi-natural woodlands and open-ground habitats, to upgrade non-native conifer plantations to new native broadleaf plantings and to protect these conserved lands from ever being developed. We viewed numerous woodlands and rejected all of them, before we came across the estate that we own now. It is a magnificent location, with stunning views across Loch Linnhe; easy access from the main Oban to Fort William road and less than a mile from the busy Duror village. We think it is perfect and were afraid a developer just might think so too!

However, the estate's accessibility does mean that you can visit your plot with no difficulty. You can park and walk down the signed footpath along the Salachan Burn (with its salmon and trout) into Glencoe Wood - an area ecologically rich in ancient oak and birch wood. Glencoe Wood is home to a wide range of mammals; badger, pine marten, red deer, roe deer, bank vole, wood mouse, stoat, fox, hedgehog and the rare Scottish crossbill, which has the distinction of being the only endemic vertebrate species in the UK. Our policy of siting Bat Boxes on the land has increased the variety of bats found on the Estate, with Common and Soprano Pipistrelles, the Brown Long-eared Bat and Daubenton's Bat all being recorded in recent years. A single sighting of a Nathusius's Pipistrelle in 2011 has also been very encouraging. Other animals and plants are also present in diverse profusion.

Of more practical benefit to the visitor or landowner, there are also many flat grassy clearings which people use to camp on, or to picnic on and the Salachan Burn and Loch Linnhe are great attractions.

The next stage was mapping the plots. James, a chartered surveyor from Mull spent several days walking the wood with his GPS equipment and mapping devices. All of his references and maps are used to create your personalised, legal documentation. When you receive your pack you will see that you have the exact, precise grid reference for your unique plot.

Graphic design and printing was undertaken in Fort William, Lochaber and the legal paperwork inside was drawn up for us by our solicitor in Perthshire.

We have licensed the paperwork for changing your title from Deed Poll Services to ensure that you receive documentation which is recognised by institutions worldwide, from banks, to driving license issuers, utility providers and credit card companies.

Once everything was in place we had to pass a stringent review of the legal and operational sides of the business by HSBC bank, before we could accept your card payments online and over the telephone.


The Highland Titles Nature Reserves

Your support is making a difference.....

Your plot of land forms part of the Keil Hill estate, which we are proud to run as a Highland Titles Nature Reserve. Our community of landowners take great pride in the project that their support has made possible. Should you choose to visit your land, you will see a great transformation taking place.



We encourage all of our landowners to visit the Nature Reserve, find their plot and see with their own eyes the remarkable progress we are making