Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked questions, we have answered the most common ones below but if you are still not sure then please contact us.

How do I get a title?

To become a Lord, Laird or Lady you must legally own an estate in Scotland. We offer for sale estates of various sizes to suit any requirement. Each beautiful document pack comes with a legal Certificate of Sale, information and directions to enable you to locate and visit your land and a Master Title Deed to comply with the legalities of changing your name on your Driving License and credit cards etc.

We comply fully with Scottish law for the transfer of land and you will be asked to provide us with the new Lord/Laird/Lady's name when you place your order, either on this secure website.

So I can really call myself a Laird, Lord or Lady?

As the owner of a Scottish estate, you will have the full rights to style yourself as a Laird (Lord) or Lady. This is the same wherever you live in the world. You do not need to live in the UK or be a British citizen.

This courtesy title should not be confused with Noble Titles such as those conferred by the Queen. The title of Laird is a traditional title recognising your ownership of Scottish Land.

Can I change my bank account, credit cards, drivers license?

Yes, we include in each gift pack the legal Master Title Deed accepted internationally to confirm your new title to your bank and any government agencies. You will be able to change your title on official documentation to Laird, Lord or Lady.

Please note that government documents which do not display any title, such as all passports and in some jurisdictions, your drivers license, clearly cannot be changed.

What is a Master Title Deed?

The Master Title Deed is similar to a Deed Poll in the way that it operates. The Deed Poll is based on a persons right to adopt the name of their choice and asserts their intention to do so. The Master Title deed can also be used to do this, but in addition is gives effect to a persons right to adopt a title that they have authority to use and asserts their intention to do so. By owning a small Scottish estate you gain this right to adopt the title. The Master Title Deed gives effect to this choice. Our Master Title Deed is licensed from, and used under the authority of, Deed Poll Services.

Are there any hidden charges, taxes, or future payments to make?

No. There are no land taxes in Scotland and absolutely no other costs associated with buying or owning this land. We maintain public liability insurance over the entire wood which will continue in force after your purchase. You will have no further expense to pay after the initial purchase price.

Who is running this project?

 Please read our Land Locations page for more information

Do I need to register my land?

No. The Land Registration (Scotland ) Act 1979 Section 4 (2)(b) specifically removes the normal requirement to register your land, because this is a such a small plot. Unlike in England, Scotland has changed the law regarding land registration, thus permitting the sale of the land to take place under Contract Law. In this way, these small plots of land can be sold without the expenses which would otherwise make this uneconomical. You will receive a copy of the Certificate of Sale in your pack.

What can I do with the land

As the new owner, you can come and visit; take a walk in Glencoe Wood, take a photograph of your Estate, and picnic by the river. You will be able to enjoy bird watching, fungi spotting, country pursuits and lots of tranquillity. You are welcome to plant a tree or scatter Ashes. 

The land is zoned as woodland so development (a house for example) would not be permitted.

How large are the plots?

We sell four different plot sizes. 1, 10, 100 or 1000 square foot.

How will I know which plot is mine?

In order to legally transfer the plot to you under Contract Law, we need to be able to define its location precisely. We do this by providing you the exact GPS location, using the UK Ordnance Survey reference system. The location of each plot is unique.

Can I purchase a plot & title for someone other than me?

Absolutely. When you place your order you will be required to enter the name of the new landowner. This can be any name that you like.

If you would like a message enclosed to the new Laird/Lady/Lord and the pack shipped directly to them, then this is all part of the service, as is customising the deeds with a special date i.e. a birthday or anniversary.

Can I use my title for anything and in any situation?

You may use your title at any time except for any illegal purpose - such as to commit fraud, or obtain money by deception.

Can I leave my land & title to anyone?

Your land and title can be left to anybody through your Will upon your death or even sold to someone else if you wish to sell the land, after all, it is yours.

There are two covenants on the land. One prevents shooting and the second prevents your Estate from being subdivided.

Can I purchase several plots next to each other?

Yes. As long as the plots are the same size, then all the plots you order at the same time will be next to each other. Any plots ordered later may be part of a different block, though they will be close by.

How will my personal message be added to the documents?

Your gift message is written on a slip of parchment and included in the pack.

What precisely is a Joint Pack?

When you buy a Joint Pack you receive everything that you would otherwise receive by buying two single packs - except:  The documents will arrive in a single folder and will have only one (joint) covering letter of welcome from Lady Laura.

You WILL receive two adjacent plots, each belonging to one person, and all the deeds of ownership.

For example, for a 'joint' title for 100 square feet. you would actually receive 200 square feet of land in total? Being 100 square feet under each persons name.

I want the Documents to have a special date. Will you still send it now?

Yes, whatever date you ask to be used on the documentation, we will still mail your pack without delay, unless instructed otherwise.

Can I buy one plot with two names?

Each plot can be owned by one person only.  If you need to buy for a couple, purchase a joint pack or two single packs.

What about public liability insurance?

The risk that somebody may injure themselves on YOUR plot are slim. However Highland Titles wish to ensure that anyone who does suffer a mishap on the Keil Estate will be compensated.  We have therefore taken out  £10,000,000 of Property Owners Liability cover from FIM Services Limited (FIM) who provide specialist investment products and services in areas of sustainable forestry and renewable energy in the UK

FIM Services Ltd
Glebe Barn
Great Barrington
Oxon, OX18 4US

We advise that there is therefore no need for you to hold additional insurance to cover your estate.

Can I visit my land?

Yes, it is yours after all!

We provide you with a map, map reference and full instructions on how to visit Keil Estate and your piece of Glencoe Wood.  Park your car and Glencoe wood is a short walk along a leafy lane anong the pretty Salachan Burn. Look closely in the spring and you may well see salmon running upstream to spawn!

Now I'm a Lord. Does that make my wife a Lady?

The Title of Lord, Laird or Lady depends on owning a Scottish Estate.  Your Spouse or children will need to own their own piece of Scotland to have their own title. Our Joint Packs make this simple, giving each of you a plot of your own, side by side doubling your land size.

Is Glencoe Wood in Glencoe?

No, Glencoe Wood lies between Glen Salachan and Glen Duror.  There is another wood in Glencoe also called Glencoe Wood and this fragment might once have been contiguous with that. Unfortunately a lot of commercial forestry now lies between our Glencoe Wood and Glencoe, comprising foreign species such as Sitka and Larch. Replacement of these commercial species with appropriate native species is one of our objectives.

I am not British. Can I still buy land?

Yes you can. Scottish land can be purchased by anyone of any nationality. We currently have customers in 93 different countries.  If you wish to move to Scotland, owning land here will not help you with obtaining a visa or residency rights, but otherwise you are free to visit and enjoy your land as the legal owner and laird, Lord or Lady of your small Estate.

Is there an age limit?

Because the land is transferred by Deed, anyone can own a plot and have a title!  This is a very popular Christening gift, so buy for anyone of any age with confidence.

How do I convert my OS Grid Reference to Lat/Long?

The conversion between OS and lat/long is tricky, but Scots Law requires us to define the land according to the Ordnance Survey Grid.

OS Grid References are based on 100km grid squares identified by letter-pairs, followed by digits which identify a sub-square within the grid square, as explained on the OS Interactive Guide to the National Grid. 6-digit references identify 100m grid squares; 8 digits identify 10m grid squares, and 10 digits identify 1m squares. NM9710253321 represents a 1m box with its (south-west) origin 97.102km across, 53.321km up within the NM square.

To extract the 10 digit OS reference from your Plot reference, take the example of the Plot 197102000 753321000. First remove the first digit from each 9 digit number set, to give Plot 97102000 53321000.  then remove the last three digits to give Plot 97102 53321. All our Plots are both located within the NM Square, so add NM to the start of the string to give NM 97102 53321.

Then use the simple calculator available here to convert from your 10 digit OS reference to Lat/Long, which most GPS systems will accept.

Sample Plot is WGS84 Lat/Lon 56°37′39.54″N 005°18′33.41″W
                       or OSGB36 Lat/Lon 56°37′40.13″N 005°18′29.18″W

What species of tree will you plant on my plot?

When you purchase a large plot, we will plant a suitable tree on your behalf. Alternatively one or more trees can be purchased separately from the Accessories Shop. This year, 2012. trees may be purchased for babies born in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Year and these will be planted in the Children's Grove, in the Diamond Jubilee Wood.

The tree(s) will almost certainly not be planted on your plot, which is part of Glencoe Wood and already well covered with trees. We plant thousands of trees on the estate to create new woodland. This connects relict areas of ancient woodland and extends the area of the estate that can support woodland species of flora and fauna.

The type of tree we plant for you will depend on the type of land we plant it in. It will be a native Scottish broadleaf, probably an oak, ash, rowan, hazel, birch, holly, willow or alder. We cannot place any plaque on the tree, but we are pleased to permit you to do so when you visit your plot.